Wednesday, January 14, 2009


So, like many others, I've been shopping with coupons for the past couple of months. Last week was a huge sale, and this week, I reaped the benefits of that sale!! I spent $48.01 today, but because of last week's sale (I got money back last week to spend today), I only spent $16.01 out of my pocket today. So, for $16.01 this is what I came home with today!!

Yes, both of those pictures! So, here's the tally:

1 carton of eggbeaters

5 4-packs of Dannon yogurt

2 3-packs of Orville microwave popcorn

2 3-packs of Jolly Time microwave popcorn

4 boxes of Green Giant frozen vegetables

2 Healthy Choice Cafe Steamer frozen dinners

2 cartons of eggs

1 32-oz bag of cheese

5 tubes of Suave lotion

6 lbs of apples

5 big containers of Quaker oatmeal

7 boxes of Quaker instant oatmeal

5 cans of Hunts spaghetti sauce

6 cans of Hunts tomatoes

8 cans of Progresso soup

3 rolls of Bounty paper towels

2 Glade air fresheners

Once again, I paid $16.01 out of my pocket for all these things! I love this! It's so addicting! I spent 2 hours going to 3 different stores, which is the same amount of time I spend every time I go to WalMart. I spent WAY less than at WalMart, and people are so much more helpful at the stores I go to! WalMart, say goodbye to one of your previously faithful customers. You no longer are the best deal around!


Maria said...


Kristine said...

YAY for coupons! I'm addicted too!

Teanne said...

Are you doing couponsense? I've been thinking about doing that off and on for a couple years, and recently it seems like a lot of my friends are saving so much money doing coupons! They're practically stealing the food. So it got me thinking again, and I asked my cousin what she does. She says she buys 6 papers.
I looked into it and for how much it would cost to buy papers I wasn't sure it'd be worth it. It also seemed like the coupons might be for things I didn't normally buy so I wasn't sure if I'd really be saving anything.
So anyway, I'm glad you do this too- someone else I can ask for advice. What do you do? Do you find that it's worth it?
It seems like it'd be worth it. What great deals! I just wasn't sure about the cost to get into it- the papers, etc.

The McGee Family said...

love it!! I am anti walmart!! I love coupons and you get a way better deal if ya go to different stores! Congrats that is awesome!

The McGee Family said...

Ok this comment is for your friend teanne! I do couponsense and love it! I do 3 papers and if you go through az republic they give you a deal if you go with couponsense then just by it alone. Sorry I don't know if you are in az or not! Also It cost me 30 a month for couponsense and I save so much money it is crazy!! I have done it since nov and have saved almost 700 and spent a little over 200!! The other day saved 78 at frys and spent 18!! So worth it!!