Sunday, May 25, 2008

He's finally here!

Sorry about the delay in posting. But after my last post, things didn't change much, so I decided I wasn't going to post until he finally made his grand entrance. And he finally did just that. So, here's the long story. Last week on Friday (the 16th) I went in and had my membranes stripped. I was 2 days overdue and getting tired of it, but determined to not be induced with this baby. But, I still hadn't changed from my 3 and 75%. I had been the same for 3 visits in a row! Throughout the weekend I had some more intense contractions, but nothing too serious. My next appointment was on Wednesday, the 21st, one week overdue. I went in and I had finally changed to a 4+ and 80%. I had her strip the membranes again. Then, because I was a week overdue, they hooked me up to the monitors to make sure the baby was still doing well. I started having a few contractions, and when I was done with the monitor, my midwife told me she wanted me to go over to the hospital. The baby was fine, but on the second contraction his heartbeat had dipped a little. She said that meant he was pressing down on the cervix, and so she figured that labor was pretty emminent, I guess. I went to the hospital, not sure if the contractions were going to get any closer, stronger, or regular. If they didn't, then she was going to come break my water later that afternoon. So, anyway, labor did start by itself, and by 4:00 I was at a 7.

Ethan James was born at 7:06 pm on Wed. May 21. He was....drum roll.....9 lbs 6 oz and 21 inches! And the best part about it, I didn't even tear! Not many of you probably know, but I've always planned on having this one naturally, and I did. It was an incredibly intense experience, but well worth it! My other boys were too drugged up from the epidurals to nurse, they never would latch on. But Ethan is a champ! He latched on almost immediately and hasn't stopped since! And my recovery is amazing! I don't even feel like I had a baby 4 days ago. I feel great, way better than I've felt in the last trimester! So, if anyone's interested in more details, let me know. :) Otherwise I'll spare you of the natural birth details. Anyway, we're all healthy and doing great! Joshua and Jared love him to death. Joshua can't keep his hands off of him. He just wants to hug and kiss him and hold him all the time. Jared loves him to, but he keeps more of a distance. He's still trying to figure out the whole baby thing. No signs of jealousy or resentment yet, though! Here are some pics of the cutest baby in the world!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Another week, no new changes. Except the baby is a little lower again. Other than that, things are sitting comfortably the same. My baby just wants to take his sweet little time coming out. But that's ok, I guess. I still have another week until I'm due. I'll keep you updated....