Saturday, January 19, 2008


We got some pictures taken at Target a few weeks ago. Although we didn't buy these special prints, I thought they were some cute arrangements of the boys.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Life's crazy

I suppose it's time for an update to my blog. Life is just so crazy. It's hard to find any free time to do anything. I've been working parttime in the mornings while Joshua is at school on M-Th. It works out well because Joshua is gone for most of the time, and my dad watches Jared. We're trying to paying off some debts before the baby is born so things won't be so tight then. But it sure is keeping us busy! Between working in the morning, a few piano lessons some afternoons, cleaning the house, cooking meals, and playing with the kids, there's not a whole lot of time left for anything. But it will all be worth it when we don't have to make those van and credit card payments anymore!

Besides all that, December is an insanely crazy month for us anyway! We started off our Christmas festivities the day after Thanksgiving by going out and choosing a Christmas tree. From that day on it was constant shopping, planning, and wrapping gifts while trying to maintain the true spirit of Christmas. On the 17th Joshua turned 5. He had a few friends over for a small birthday party. He sure is excited to finally be 5! Then on the 20th John and I celebrated our 7th anniversary. My how time flies! Then, of course there was Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. My mom flew up from Arizona to see us for about 2 weeks. It was nice to see her and for her to see the kids. She sure has missed them! After the Christmas celebrations we had to gear up for another birthday. Jared turned 3 on Dec. 27. Whew! And just when we thought all the fun was over, John and I left the kids with my mom on New Years Eve and went down to Springville to have a New Years Eve get together with John's siblings. It was so nice to have an evening out without the kids and to be able to sleep in the next day!

Although it was a fun month, it's nice to be back to a normal schedule. I'm 22 weeks along now, so about 5 months. I'm so glad to finally be past the halfway point. It all ready seems like I've been pregnant for forever!! I guess I have been. I found out when I was only 4 weeks along, so it's taking a long time to get anywhere with this pregnancy. I'm feeling surprisingly well. I've had a decent amount of energy and have managed to get by with only a few naps a week! This is quite surprising compared to my other pregnancies where I was dead tired the entire time. I guess I am being blessed so that I can accomplish all the things that I need to during this crazy time of our lives.

We still haven't decided on a name yet, although we have narrowed it down to three.


I'm really not sure which one I like, but that's ok. I still have plenty of time! Anyway, I'll try to keep things a little more updated, but I'm not making any promises!